Marketing Customer Insights Jobs

Every week we will cover a specific track or sub-track. is a good job search site because at a glance it shows you average salaries, years of experience for many mid-level positions and a job count, as well as locations. We looked at 10-15 job descriptions from major companies and listed skills frequently mentioned (e.g., from McDonald’s, Pepsi, American Airlines,, and others). There however is NO substitute for your doing your own searches and analysis.

UT Dallas JSOM MS Marketing Customer Insights sub-track

 Core Courses (15 credit hours)

MKT 6301 Marketing Management
OPRE 6301 Statistics and Data Analysis
MKT 6309 Marketing Research
MKT 6310 Consumer Behavior
MKT 6339 Capstone Decision Making  or MKT 6350 Competitive Marketing Strategy

The following 3 courses (9 credit hours):
MIS 6324 Business Analytics with SAS
MKT 6323 Database Marketing
OPRE 6332 Spreadsheet Modeling and Analytics

Customer Insights Focus
BPS 6360 Management & Org. Consulting
MKT 6321 Interactive & Digital Marketing
MKT 6334 Digital Sales Strategy
MKT 6336 Pricing Analytics
MKT 6338 Enterprise Systems and CRM
MKT 6341 Marketing Campaign Management Lab
MKT 6342 Marketing Customer Insights Development
MKT 6343 Social Media Marketing & Insights
MKT 6352 Marketing Web Analytics and Insights
MKT 6V98 Marketing Internship (1-3 credit hours)
MIS 6344  Web Analytics
MIS 6380  Data Visualization

 Average years of experience & Salary average: 3-5 years for manager position salary range from  $70-110,000, however skills listed below are the one’s you need to acquire to get in as a junior analyst if you have no work experience.

 What is Customer Insights? It is an emerging area for marketing professionals that are not modelers/statisticians/data scientist types but more on the analysis and business recommendation side. One that can connect the dots and “story tell”, for example most “data scientists” have never taken a Consumer Behavior course so often lack connect the dots abilities needed for this job category. Shopper Insights is a sub category of this which is heavily used by CPG companies such as (Conagra, Kimberly Clark, Proctor & gamble and more). To add to the clutter of job types some are now describing parts of Customer Insights as “Customer Experience” however this is NOT to be confused with User Experience ( a topic we will cover in a digital career discussion).

Forester research describes it as… “professionals who capture, manage, analyze, and apply customer knowledge to help your business win, serve, and retain customers. To succeed, you must capture customer data from all sources and manage it across customer-facing systems and functions as well as analyze it to obtain actionable insights and apply it to the business.”

Typical Job description of Customer Insights (McDonalds posting for a “Customer Insights Analyst”)

 Key responsibilities include generating and analyzing reports for key stakeholders.  Ideal candidate will go beyond reporting ‘the numbers’ and deliver analyses that also report ‘the insights.’  The Analyst will query databases to retrieve quantitative and qualitative customer feedback information for short and long-term trend reporting, as well as new product launch analysis.  Feedback is analyzed primarily using Excel and presented in PowerPoint.  This person will help manage requests for insights reporting that derive from various U.S. departments, regional/divisional offices and suppliers, and will work closely with Manager to prioritize the requests.

Top skills listed and courses we offer that address some of the often mentioned skills (note there is not a course for every skill, for example Cognos is not a software taught at JSOM)

Top skills mentioned by at least 10 major companies with this job title posting Courses of special relevance- see course syllabi’s for exact line up of skills as not all covered in each instance
Critical Thinking & Business analysis–. Connecting the dots to actionable consumer initiatives. Storytelling MKT 6310 Consumer Behavior (FA 17)
MKT 6342 Marketing Customer Insights Development (FA 17)
MKT 6339 Capstone Decision Making (FA 17) or MKT 6350 Competitive Marketing Strategy (FA 17)
Knowledge of scanner, demographics, market research and shopper data (Nielsen) and tracking, data vendors (Axciom). Techniques used in scanner data analysis are covered in MKT 6337 Marketing analytics using SAS (SU & FA 17)
MKT 6323 Database Marketing (FA17)
Market research and proficiency with data analysis software: SPSS, SAS  or R and Surveys (Qualtrics)

Knowledge of retention and loyalty analysis and  Business Intelligence tools

MKT 6309 Market Research (FA 17)
MKT 6323 Database Marketing (FA17)
MIS 6324 Business Analytics with SAS (FA 17)
Excellent oral and written presentation and business case write ups -including techniques of good data visualization-Tableau, Cognos MKT 6342 Marketing Customer Insights Development (FA17)
MIS 6380  Data Visualization (FA 17)BPS 6360 Management & Org. Consulting (FA 17)
Advanced proficiency with Excel (pivot, what if, solver) and SQL OPRE 6332 Spreadsheet Modeling and Analytics (FA17)
MIS 6320 Database Foundations (FA17)-note currently not on Insights track but you can always take it anyway
Web and social media analysis MKT 6352 Marketing Web Analytics and Insights (has also been MKT 6v99 Web analytics (FA17)
MKT 6343 Social Media Marketing & Insights (FA17)

Certifications: There no major certifications specific to Customer or Shopper Insights listed in job postings analyzed or that are in demand by industry

Professional Associations-there are none in the DFW area but there are groups that touch on important areas of for this profession such as Data Visualization, here is one group worth attending

 National groups-mostly for CPG Shopper Insights


For Shopper Insights



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Prof Biswas interviewed about SuperBowl 2017 Ads

Every year, local radio and television stations interview our own UT Dallas JSOM branding, advertising and consumer behavior Professor, Abhi Biswas.

Please listen as Prof. Biswas is interviewed by these stations:

WBAP Radio Morning News Team



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Spring 2017 DFW Area Marketing/Advertising Associations and Events

Here are some local area organizations you should look at depending on your area of interestL

American Marketing Association (AMA): They aim to serve as a forum to connect like-minded individuals and foster knowledge sharing, provide resources, tools and training and support marketing practice and thought leadership around the globe. To join our school chapter please go to our UTDallas AMA website, $47 per year. The Professional Chapter has over 1,000 members and events can be found at the DFW AMA website

Event Date Time Location
January Executive Luncheon January 18 11:15 am –

1:00 pm

The Clubs of Prestonwood

15909 Preston Road
Dallas, TX 75248 United States
+ Google Map

For more information click here


American Advertising Federation: (AAF) The aim of the AAF is to provide thought leadership by discussing the latest trends in technology, creativity and marketing. Protect and promote advertising within all levels of government, and honor advertising excellence.  We do not currently have a school chapter, we recommend students join the professional chapter at the student rate of $55 per year and I especially recommend the AD2Dallas young professional group, their membership is different and costs $75-they consist of young professionals under 30.


Event Date Time Location
The Weigh In – ADDYs Happy Hour January 26 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM Dodie’s Reef
2821 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX

+ Google Map


Food For Thought – 2017 Ad Trends January 31 11:15 AM – 1:00 PM Doubletree Hilton Campbell Centre
8250 North Central Expressway, Dallas, TX + Google Map


The Ego ADDYs – 2017 American Advertising Awards February 23 6:00 PM – 11:30 PM Bomb Factory
2713 Canton Street, Dallas, TX + Google Map




LOCAL PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS-there are no student chapters

Data Analytics Meetups
Please visit the Meetup page for different analytics seminars and events throughout the Dallas area. There is no one association at this time.  Some are more geared to developers so read the description of every sub group and meeting.



DFW Interactive Marketing Association: A leading forum for interactive marketing in the DFW Metroplex.


Event Date Time Location
DFWIMA January Happy Hour January 26, 2017 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM The Rustic

3656 Howell St.

Dallas, Texas, 75204

Click Here To Return to the Top of the Page.


Dallas User Experience Group: It serves the needs of web usability professionals in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area.


Event Date Time Location
Designing in the Moment Thursday, January 26, 2017 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM Improving

5445 Legacy Dr
Suite 100
Plano, TX (map)

Learning the Language of Leadership Thursday, February 23, 2017 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM Improving

5445 Legacy Dr

Suite 100

Plano, TX (map)

March UX Meetup–TBD

Thursday, March 23, 2017 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM Improving

5445 Legacy Dr

Suite 100

Plano, TX (map)


DFW Search Engine Marketing Association: Their goal is to promote search engine marketing and increased return on investment for companies and their websites through best practices.


Event Date Time Location

Mind Games: The Hidden Art and Science of Kickass Content Marketing by Dave Snyder of CopyPress

Wed, February 8, 2017 6:00 PM – 9:30 PM CST NOAH’S Event Venue

2251 North Greenville Avenue

Richardson, TX 75082


Dallas Social Media Club

Social Media Club’s primary mission is to expand digital media literacy, promote standard technologies, encourage ethical behavior and share best practices. Our club hosts conversations that explore key issues facing our society as technologies transform the way we connect, communicate, collaborate and relate to each other.


Event Date Time Location

Jeremiah Owyang- Social Media Expert and Visionary

January 30 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm Angelika Dallas


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Product Management

There is currently no product management chapter; we recommend you look at the Product Development and Management Association website, they have a student membership and also a Professional Certification.


There is a DFW Product Group on Linkedin but has not been very active in the past 2 years.

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Morris Hite Center-IBM Watson Analytics Competition

This past Saturday May 7th, 22 teams from local area schools represented by UNT, UT Arlington, SMU and Texas A&M Commerce competed along with UTD teams. A total of  69 students registered the morning of the event. The breakdown was approximately 25%  MBA’s, 40% MS Business Analytics or Market Research and 35% MS Marketing students.

The challenge was based on an undefined “you find the best insight” type challenge which was requested by our industry board members. 90% of analysts do an okay job finding a predetermined objective like who is our most profitable segment, etc. Very difficult is to go dig in data and in a short period of time find a valuable insight. The judges were impressed by the fact that no team had a bad analysis. Many were going in the right direction but ran out of time and did not complete a section. The event started with a 2 hour training session on the IBM Watson Analytics platform followed by the competition challenge itself, which ended at 3:45 pm. The judges deliberated and announced the winners at around 5:35 pm.

Representing IBM as judges were Randy Messina, Sunil  Patel and Laura Trouvais with Ashley Troggio the trainer answering questions from the industry judges not as familiar with Watson Analytics.  Representing industry were management Vice Presidents and Managing Directors at the Winterberry Group; Ansira and Cresco International

The three winning teams were as follows:

1st place went to a team from UT Arlington-Team  Research Mavs

first place
2nd place to a team from SMU-Team Data Knights

second place
3rd place to a team from UT Dallas-The IBM Insiders

The UTD team was called the “IBM Insiders” and made up of team members: Mohit     Mundra, Chenxi  Qian, Akshay  Kher, and Saumya  Sethi seen in the picture below

third place

Congratulations to all the UTD teams that were selected and took the time to participate, hopefully the benefits of learning and competitive environment was a good experience.  We plan on hosting the even every year around starting next year around April 2017

Alex Edsel, Director MS in Marketing





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Marketing Edge Student Career Forum at IBM in Austin, TX

by Claire Fitzpatrick

Claire Fitzpatrick at LinkedIn

As a UTD MS Marketing student we were given the opportunity to attend the Marketing Edge Student Career Forum in Austin, TX.  It was graciously hosted by IBM on their beautiful Austin campus.

When we arrived at the IBM campus we were greeted by IBM employees that escorted us to the building where we would be meeting. As we were walking we were able to get a good view of the entire campus. IBM has a group of about 6-8 building each about 5-6 stories high. In the middle of the campus is a beautiful green space with a fountain so employees can enjoy some outdoors space if they’d like. The meeting room was quite large with floor to ceiling windows to bring in lots of natural light. It was nice to be able to see outside while we were there. While we were sitting there, we noticed students primarily from 3 different schools; UT Austin, St. Andrews, and Texas State. There were about 10 of us from UTD in total.

After a couple of minutes, Terri Bartlett, the President of Marketing Edge, stood up and spoke to us about what Marketing Edge is.


“Marketing EDGE is the only national nonprofit of its kind solely committed to acquaint professors and college students with – and to engage and involve them in – the thriving business of marketing. Marketing EDGE is supported solely by corporations and individuals who want to give back to the community.”

I took that quote directly from Marketing Edge’s website (, but basically they are a non-profit organization that brings together employers and students to better the marketing industry. Our line-up for the day included, keynote speaker Paul D’Arcy, SVP, Marketing for Indeed, and a panel discussion with the following, Todd Watson, IBM, Social Marketing Manager, Developer Outreach, Amanda Cowan, Farmhouse Delivery, VP of Marketing, Tyler Hooper, IBM, Digital Marketing Strategist, Ryan Johnson, RetailMeNot, Senior Marketing Manager, Lauren Foster, Founder, CEO/President, Stretch Recipes, and Eric Jones, WP Engine, VP Global Brand and Communications.

darev          Paul’s keynote was very enlightening. He spoke to us about how he has had many different jobs that have enabled him to be where he is today. He told us about how he has failed more than he has succeeded, but that he never gave up. He also discussed the skills needed to be successful in marketing which included, math, writing, communication, and an overall sense of curiosity. Paul also mentioned that it was necessary to understand the technical aspects of marketing such as coding and analytics because companies are starting to rely on these skills more and more.

After hearing from Paul, we broke for lunch where IBM had catered very delicious Mexican food. It gave us an opportunity to mix and mingle with other students attending as well as employees from IBM and some other company representatives. After lunch we heard from the panel speakers. Initially, Todd, Amanda, Tyler, Ryan, Lauren, and Eric each discussed panelhow they came to be in the job position they are in now and what they wish they had known when they were just starting out in their career. A lot of what they said mirrored Paul’s experience. The main takeaways were to immerse yourself as much as possible in the industry you want to be in; learn everything there is to know about it. As well as to connect with as many people as possible and find a mentor who is willing to help guide you your career.

After the panel interviews finished we were given the opportunity to tour around IBM’s design lab and Watson lab. On the 3rd floor of one of the buildings, through big double doors, the design lab looked just like a marketing agency. Bright colors, small group meeting “rooms” with walls made of moveable whiteboards, foosball tables with hip-hop music playing, and a break room with Starbucks coffee. Everyone had large iMac’s and desks that could be made to stand up at. There were walls that could be written on and funny pictures of the employees. It seemed like a family environment where everyone was in it together. This is one of the main places where IBM designs some of its new products. Most of it is pretty top-secret stuff so we didn’t get to see anything specific.

The guide moved us quickly on to the Watson lab, another top-secret product of IBM’s. It was a dimly lit room with a large glowing square box enclosed behind a glass wall. Watson is a series of servers that can accurately answer questions and critically solve problems given a set of data. The guides allowed us to ask Watson questions and he (it was coded to sound like a man) responded with correct answers. Watson can only give answers to information it already has which is a differentiating factor compared to other similar machines. It is not just spitting out random facts it finds on the internet, but combs through the data it was loaded with to find the best answer to the question. We were also able to see inside how it comes up with the answers as it breaks down the accuracy of the answer by the probability of it being correct. The higher the probability of that option being correct the more likely it will use that option.

Overall, it was a wonderfully hosted event by IBM and an excellent opportunity to hear from successful people in the marketing industry.

I thank everyone at IBM for lending us their campus and Marketing Edge for giving us insight into the industry and our careers.




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UT Dallas teams selected for The Morris Hite Center IBM competition

We had over 15 team submissions; however as you know only 5 teams can be picked. Next week, a 6th team was also added. SMU, Texas A&M, UNT and UT Arlington are confirmed as participating.

The following teams have been chosen to participate : An additional email will be sent later today for an all team meeting.

  1. Cordova
  2. IBM Insiders
  3. Mighty, Mighty Insights
  4. The Absolute Betas
  5. Vision
  6. Daces



Thank you

Marketing Area

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Morris Hite Center-Watson Analytics Competition

The UT Dallas JSOM, MS in Marketing program is partnering with IBM to use IBM’s Watson Analytics platform in a May 7th competition. Join us Saturday, May 7th : Learn how to Use Watson Analytics and then Compete for $3,500 in Prizes

Alex Edsel


Students from several, primarily North Texas, colleges (undergraduates and graduates) will work in small teams (2-4 students per team) to tackle a dataset from the airline industry leveraging Watson Analytics; a cognitive tool which “democratizes data analysis,” so that marketers can focus on asking the right questions and probing and developing actionable insights vs. creating, running or interpreting different statistical programs or models. No programming, advanced statistics or modeling knowledge is required. No prior knowledge of Watson Analytics is needed as we will provide a workshop during the morning.



  1. Must be enrolled during Spring 2016 as a college student in good academic standing. The competition is open to graduates (masters) and undergraduates. No PhD students or candidates are allowed.
  2. Every school is allowed up to 5 teams, each team is made up of between 2-4 members and can be a mix of graduate and undergraduate students. If one or more universities does not use up its 5 team allocation, this will open up additional team participation opportunities for other schools if there are enough to be evenly distributed. There however cannot be more than 30 teams total. Every school must decide on its own, how they will select their 5 teams. The ideal team size is three but two is fine if students have industry experience.
  3. Registration is now open for other Universities to sign up at and closes on April 22nd . Note: Registration for UT Dallas students is now closed-team selections in process. After the deadline closes, each team will be sent additional details and parking information as well as Watson Analytics videos should they wish to start learning and understanding the platform.


The event will kick-off on Saturday, May 7th

  • Teams must sign in between the hours of 9:00 to 9:30 am in the Atrium, located at UT Dallas JSOM, coffee and pastries will be provided.
  • Students should bring their own laptops, guest internet access will be provided
  • Between 9:30 -11:30, there will be an IBM Watson Analytics Workshop that will teach students how to use the key Watson Analytics modules: Discover, Predictive and Assemble and a Twitter component
  • At 11:30 the teams will get their competition packets. Bag lunches will be provided so students can work while they have lunch.
  • Students must only access Watson Analytics thru the UT Dallas IP network; any outside access to a Watson team account will disqualify the team.
  • At 4:00 pm, teams will submit a power point presentation using the template provided-with an appendix per the packet instructions. Teams must NOT identify in their presentation the school they are with.
  • Judges will deliberate and announce the two winning teams by 5:30 pm. Judges will consist of managers from IBM, industry partners and agencies
  • Judges will grade each team based on:
  1. Proficiency in using Watson Analytics to analyze the data: 20%
  2. Creativity & Logic in how the analysis is conducted and insights identified: 30%
  3. Usefulness and Originality of the Recommendations: 30%
  4. Data Visualization and flow of presentation: 20%



  • 1st place prize will be $2,000, with 2nd place prize of $1,000 and 3rd place $500 (prizes are per team and not for each individual student).
  • The 1st place team will also have dinner with a WorldWide Leader of IBM Watson Analytics team; the dinner will be scheduled for some mutually convenient future date
  • All teams will have to sign a talent release. Winning teams will have to provide additional information and sign a receipt for the awards if given out on-site.


Purpose of the competition:


  • The UTD Morris Hite Marketing Insights competition is a yearly event and part of a set of initiatives to strengthen critical thinking and insights development amongst marketers using Watson Analytics.


  • The competition is designed to also raise the profile of North Texas as an area of marketing talent.


  • The event provides students with an opportunity to showcase their skills and talents for employers and build their resume portfolio.
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