Data on Marketing Jobs in the USA, Texas and DFW area. Prepared by UT Dallas Marketing Programs


This is the first in a series of posts in our new UT Dallas Marketing program blog which will deal with marketing careers, important local professional events and associations, mentoring programs, scholarships along with  academic advice and important dates. In the next few months we also plan to invite industry experts to speak about trends and offer career advice thru webinars.  Our objective is to make this a one-stop source for our students so that you can stay abreast of industry opportunities and your degree program.

Today’s post is an Infographic with a high level overview of the number of jobs in different marketing functional areas. We have left out sales because the number of sales jobs dwarfs any other track. We are not ignoring sales by any means as it is an important track in our undergraduate program with exciting new courses being offered.

Over the coming weeks we will be highlighting each of our tracks. The first track we will feature will be Digital Marketing and the post will cover average salary ranges, must read industry publications, newsletters, hiring company profiles, software and skill sets needed in this functional track as well as any sub-specialties within that area (i.e. PPC  or SEO). We will then cover the other tracks in the graduate and undergraduate programs such as marketing analytics, sales, product management, etc.

Next week’s post will announce the opening of the UT Dallas Anne Bass Scholarship-stay tuned.

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Enjoy but most of all participate and give us your thoughts and feedback!

Alex Edsel

Marketing, digital, analytics careers

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