Salaries in Digital Marketing

This week we continue where we left off from last week:

1. We will examine salaries in different areas, and
2. List some must-read digital publications (see other post)

Salaries in Digital Advertising & Marketing

There is a wide range of salaries by functional area within digital: social media, search, mobile but also within each area. One thing is consistent,  the more quantitative the job skills the higher the salary. For example, note how bloggers are on the low-end of the pay scale; while writing  is important you do not need a business degree to write. In fact many of the better writers come from journalism and the liberal arts. One area traditionally (and I would say incorrectly) dominated by IT/MIS professionals is User Experience (UX)- there is a critical marketing component in this area which marketing professionals should be involved with. Those marketers involved with search and web analytics ignore this skill set at their own peril (see what UX is below). You will also notice that many of the skill sets needed here have been incorporated into our new Digital Lab course including paid and organic search, UX and website creation.

I highly recommend you review Onward Search,which has good resources on not just digital salaries but also skill sets needed, interviewing checklists, how to build your brand, etc. You can also post your resume and view their job postings as they are recruiters. (Please conduct your own due diligence as I do not know or endorse them but will reach out to them). Onward Search has not yet done a salary guide for Mobile Marketing. I suspect this is because this is still an emerging area but one that will offer tremendous opportunity. If you have expertise in search or social these can be leveraged with some adjustments to mobile, given that there are significant differences (i.e. voice search, fewer keywords entered and auto complete are all very critical in mobile).

Note: Many of the jobs are on the East and West coast due to the proliferation of agencies (in New York) and high technology (B-C companies). There are still many areas of opportunity in the Dallas Fort Worth area,  if you wish to stay here there are many agencies (most large agencies have offices here), medium-sized companies that have not yet made forays into digital and B-B high-tech companies (Texas Instruments, Ericsson, Alcatel and all the telecoms). Small and medium-sized companies offer many opportunities if you wish to start your own business after gaining some experience.

See the next post for must-read publications.


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One comment on “Salaries in Digital Marketing
  1. I think going into digital marketing and SEO is very difficult because the market is constantly changing. You must be prepared to adapt to anything, and most definitely cannot ignore digital trends! In the SEO job titles breakdown, do the “higher title” employees, such as analyst, marketing director, and manager, usually do all the functions that the “lower title” job employees would normally do? Is that why there are so many more of them- because the lower title jobs aren’t needed?

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