When the Chips Are Down… Never mind the Cowboys – go Frito Lay!

So what if our Cowboys can’t even sniff the Super Bowl for the past 2 decades- we here in Big D can find solace elsewhere. We need to salvage a rooting interest where we can – yes, we have a different local Super Bowl contender.

While the feared defense of the Seahawks battle the explosive offense of the Broncos for this year’s SBXVIII at MetLife stadium, I for one will be rah-rah-ing for Dallas. No not the Cowboys (that train left the station eons ago) but for our very own Frito Lay (the makers of those finger lickin’, finger messin’, devilishly tantalizing Doritos). Clearly a ‘contender’ in the game within the Game. Many experts contend that the real Game on Feb 2 is the knock down, drag out battle among the Madison Avenue behemoths. The real SB, the battle for advertising supremacy on indisputably the single greatest advertising stage of the year.

Allow me to explain. Frito Lay has pulled off (in my humble opinion) the greatest stroke of advertising wizardry of the last decade. Instead of paying the usual king’s ransom to mammoth ad agencies to produce dazzling commercials for the SB (like all the other advertisers), in 2007 they created and launched the now much vaunted “Crash The Super Bowl Contest”. Welcoming contestants to conceive, shoot, and edit their very own homemade ads. Genius!

Think about it. Frito-Lay is not only getting 1) free invaluable publicity for this contest and their brand, 2) creating huge pre-SB buzz when people discuss, vote & participate in the contest for 4 months leading up to the SB, 3) create a lasting and long term relationship with their core segment of young males, 4) get thousands of commercials produced for free …… and oh yeah here’s the clincher, the bonus, the windfall ‘gravy’ – the ads produced by these Regular Joe’s (like us) actually have consistently beaten out most of the other 60 SB ads year after year. Many of them even get offered attractive jobs at the giant ad agencies after their SB success.

For the 2014 contest, 2 winners will be chosen. Both will get to showcase their ads on $4M Frito Lays spots. One spot will be chosen by the fan voters while the other spot will be selected by the folks at Frito Lay. The second-place finisher gets $50,000 along with a trip to the SB and time on the set of Avengers movie. The Grand Prize winner will get $1,000,000, plus a party at Super Bowl XLVIII.

So while 110 Million viewers root for either Peyton Manning or Russell Wilson, I for one will be waving my pom poms while the 2 Doritos spots are being aired- albeit that’s a sum total of 60 secs(more than what my Cowboys have given me since 1995) – go Dallas!

Go to the contest site below and watch the 5 finalists (the highest vote getters so far) and vote. By the way each of these spots were produced for a mere $300 – $6000.
Voting closes in on Jan 29.

Tell us which was your favorite

by Professor Abhi Biswas

PS Stay tuned for our own competition!


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