Take a deep breath.  Grab your favorite couch. Toss the remote (you won’t need it unless you’re rewinding the commercials).  The biggest and most anticipated event of the year is around the corner, Sunday, Feb 2nd.

No not the much hyped Broncos vs Seahawks match-up during this Super Bowl LXVIII.  The real deal, the main razzle dazzle will be (what is billed as)  the greatest worldwide advertising extravaganza of the year.   At a whopping $4M for a 30 sec spot advertisers will be unveiling their best and most creative ads for this year’s big game.  Expected  to become the single most watched program in the history of Television, possibly grabbing a record-breaking  112 million viewers.

The game should be a good one – but the most eyeball grabbing will be done by the dozens of advertisers with over 60 spots during the pre-game and game.  Some will be flops – some will be hits – many will be ho-hum.  But they all will be trying to impress you, shock you, seduce you, tickle your funny bone, pull at your heartstrings and at the very least slide in subliminally, so that you perpetuate the Monday morning water cooler buzz.

Your task – if you DARE to accept it – is to predict the 3 Super Bowl Ad winners by order of popularity

Submit your predicted 3 winners, (companies or brands) in order (from the list shown in the submission form) 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

Submission form:

 Deadline:  Sunday, Feb 2,  4.00 pm

Prizes:  1st Prize:  Bragging rights as the “ultimate ad prognosticator”  plus $100 (if there is more than one winning entry—the winner will be decided by a drawing)

2nd  Prize: a $1 gift certificate for the Dollar Store ($1 processing fee applies)

3rd Prize:  a pat on the back, a fist bump and the knowledge that you were “that close!”

One entry per participant. Once you submit your entry – it will be official.  Do not change your official entry after you submit it.

Results will be based on the ‘USA Today Ad Meter’ ratings released the day after the Super Bowl.

Good luck! Prof. Abhi Biswas

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