Digital Analytics Association (DAA) Symposium

Analytics is a lot like CSI. We collect clues. We investigate. We piece together what happened. We predict the next steps. Join the investigation of digital data this September 24th right here in the Alexander Clark Center at UTD!


To register go to the DAA website

The Agenda is as Follows:

Session Speaker

12:30 – 1:00 PM

Networking, Registration & Exhibit Browsing

1:00 – 1:10 PM

Opening Remarks Marcela Gutierrez

1:10 – 1:35 PM

Digging for Buried Analytics Treasure
Analytics efforts frequently wind up with results that are described as “interesting but not actionable.” Tim will explain how marketers and analysts alike often trip each other up by communicating at cross purposes: by digging into the data prematurely, and by failing to distinguish the unique nature — and differences — between performance measurement and hypothesis validations. Throughout the session, Tim will provide tips and techniques that he has successfully helped numerous large organizations apply and incorporate into their standard operating practices.
Tim Wilson, Senior Partner, Analytics Demystified

1:35 – 2:05 PM

Part #1 – CSI Special Agents: The Analyst Lineup, a review of “forensic” files with your vote for the top Crime Scene Investigator!
Have a real-world example you would like to share or know someone who rocks?!? Want to be viewed as the best? Register now to join a tournament style panel. Top two winners receive a cash prize and approved panelists will have their Symposium registration costs waived. Nominations close September 6.
Naeem Kayane, Real Page
Raj Sen, Adobe
Eric McGehearty, Globe Runner
Halee Kotara, Society Consulting
Stephanie Albertini, Michaels

2:05 – 2:25 PM

The Complete Data Forensic Kit
We will discuss the tools that are necessary for a complete digital analytics practice, what tools are available for today’s digital analytics ecosystem, and how each one can help you to be successful in continuing your data investigations.
Nick Albertini, Senior Digital Analyst, The Richards Group

2:25 – 2:45 PM

Find the People – Organically
Do you want to grow your site visits and sales? Google prioritizes relevant content that people want to read and tell other people about. If Google doesn’t bring you the most relevant content when you search they aren’t doing their job right. In a world where content is rapidly becoming the go-to for SEO, PR and marketing professionals are perfect brand advocates and story tellers, capable of enhancing a site’s ranking by giving stellar & keyword-rich content the attention it deserves. Savvy PR and marketing professionals work with reporters, bloggers, and industry influencers on a daily basis, and know how to create unique stories for any audience.
Marta Velasco, Head of Marketing, JDC Healthcare Management

2:40 – 2:45 PM

Sponsor Remarks – Domo: From Insight to Action

2:45 – 3:00

Building Your Digital Analytics Team & Career: How DAA is Leading the Way! Mike Levin, Executive Director, Digital Analytics Association

3:00 – 3:35 PM

Networking Break & Exhibitor Showcase

3:35 – 3:40 PM

Sponsor Remarks – Visual IQ Ben Beal, Regional Vice President, Visual IQ

3:40 – 4:05 PM

Combined Power of Big Data and Little Data Analytics
Big Data has created unprecedented economic opportunity for businesses. History has proven that businesses often don’t move at the speed recommended by pundits to take full advantage of these kinds of opportunities. While the possibilities are enormous, we focus on quick win opportunities associated with increased usage of text mining and social network analysis in modeling and segmentation. We’ll look at how combining Big Data with traditional data leads to greater insight. With Big Data-enabled improvements in analytics, organizations can realize the financial benefits and evolve along the Big Data journey.
Amit Deshpa, Vice President, Analytics

4:05 – 4:35 PM

Part #2 CSI Special Agents: The Analyst Lineup, a review of “forensic” files with your vote for the top Crime Scene Investigator! Naeem Kayane, Real Page
Raj Sen, Adobe
Eric McGehearty, Globe Runner
Halee Kotara, Society Consulting
Stephanie Albertini, Michaels

4:35 – 5:25 PM

Keynote: Your Data is Going Mobile
John Pestana, the founder of Omniture/SiteCatalyst, will walk us through the evolution of web analytics. He will identify key areas and talk specifically about how you can get more accurate data to help your team make better decisions.
John Pestana, Co-Founder, Observe Point

5:25 – 5:30 PM

Closing Remarks Marcela Gutierrez

5:30 – 6:30 PM

Networking Reception & Exhibitor Showcase

Be sure to register using your UTD Email!

Good Luck building your forensics kit at the 2015 DAA Dallas Symposium!

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