Spring courses

In this week’s email, I will focus on upcoming spring courses and track selection (also resume questions)- also see weekly Job and Event flier attached to email sent as week as as the fun undergrad marketing HalloweenFestival


Spring Courses:

  1. Course book will start displaying the Spring 2016 semester courses on October 26th ; however, you will not be able to enroll in any classes until the week of November 2nd per advising. Those students graduating in Spring 2016, will get preference that week in enrolling, other students will then enroll in the weeks following that. Therefore the objective next week is to see what sections, days and times are available and which work best for you, always have a Plan B in case a course fills up.
  2. Attached in email was a list of courses suggested for Spring 2016 and also some special courses not usually in the degree plan, this is NOT all of our degree plan but just some suggested courses in the degree plan. For details, see the syllabi of a course in past semesters in Coursebook. Since you probably will not see any syllabi’s until mid to late November for Spring 16, check past semesters e.g. see if the syllabi for a course is available for Spring or Fall 15
  3. Three special courses not usually in the degree plan or that are new this Spring are:
  4. MKT 6v99-001-Special Topics Marketing analytics-an industry led project with VP of Marketing Analytics at TargetBase Mike Grigsby, requires MKT 6337 Marketing analytics using SAS as a prereq; Friday 4:00-6:45 pm. Syllabi available next week
  5. MKT 6v99-501- Special Topics Web Analytics (prereq MKT 6301) -taught by two industry professionals, it covers Adobe and IBM Coremetrics web analytics software with transactional data, it will also cover excel and web analytics and tagging. A small section of the class will cover Google analytics as there are no data sets with GA so not much depth is possible. Thursday 7-9:45 pm. Syllabi next week
  6. MKT 6342 Data Visualization & Customer Insights (prereq MKT 6301) – Monday 7:00-9:45, Important especially for those in the Insights sub-track and general Management track but good for any track. 70% or more of the focus on Insights, problem solving and critical thinking. Taught by a VP & Partner at Infosys Consulting.


Choosing a Track

  1. What is your immediate goal when you graduate and in 5 years?
  2. What is your undergraduate degree in, work experience and strengths/weaknesses (e.g. poor in statistics, not very good English –I consider not very good English Toefl below a 95)
  3. With which track does your skills/weaknesses align with best?
  4. Now, for the tracks of interest –do some research in Linkedin under careers or any foreign job board (if your immediate goal is to return to your home country).
  5. For domestic students with little work experience, the best tracks are Business Development, Digital, Analytics or Insights; Product Mgt for those with technical degrees or related work experience is excellent
  6. For international students wanting sponsorship jobs, the best tracks are Marketing Analytics and Customer Insights subtrack, followed by Product Mgt if you have a technical undergraduate degree in technology, engineering and work experience in that field. Digital for work in US is tough unless Toefl above a 95+ or lack of work experience for 3+ years

Resume Tips

  1. Please sign up and go to the career center resume workshops
  2. If you have little to no relevant work experience –do NOT highlight this fact at the top of your resume! Instead bullet point your skills and course topics at the top (e.g. Advanced Excel Spreadsheet –Macros, Solver, intermediate SQL proficiency, SAS certification, etc.) If your first section is that you are a student worker or did customer service –no one will continue reading.
  3. Have a Linkedin url in your contact info and on Linkedin upload relevant high quality sample work
  4. Do your research on the skills asked for in the posting- address them on your resume-most resumes need to be fine-tuned depending on the job description
  5. See an example for entry level resumes WITH SOME RELEVANT WORK EXPERIENCE http://www.businessinsider.com/excellent-resume-for-recent-grad-2014-7 but if you don’t have relevant work experience mention more skills from courses you have taken, do not however say MKT 6337 as no one will know content. Describe projects, content, etc
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