Lazy Loyalty

Lazy Loyalty

By Mohit Mundra

Mar 31, 2016

I have been meaning to write a post since quite a few months now. But a somewhat dominant trait called laziness super seeded my enthusiasm to write. Like all mortals, I started finding reasons to not have the time to write. But after a lot of solo argument trips I have mustered the courage to pick my pen. Or keyboard. Same thing. Just lazy

I started by observing my surrounding to find the motivation and subject to write. I thought of a few topics like sports, politics, my recent trip to California but nothing excited me. Ok honestly, I could not go beyond a few lines about all these topics. All this thinking made me lazier. A roller coaster to adrenaline is thinking to laziness. Analogy, anyone?

EUREKA! It was always in front of me. My laziness is my subject. Let me write to that, I thought. If I write and post it on social media, I will have to make sense. The marketer in me stepped in at this point and suggested that there has to be a way that laziness can be put to use in Marketing. There has to be some intelligent marketer who has thought of using this dominant human trait to the advantage to focused marketing. At this point my brain started to jog (it actually slowed down from running)

What is the one consumer brand that commands the greatest brand loyalty? APPLE. Consider the iPhone. Once a person starts using an iPhone, he will, with high probability, stick to it all his life. And the reasons that iPhone lovers give? It takes care of my needs. It integrates seamlessly with other devices. Now we all know that an android phone can do all of this. Maybe in a different way and a varied effort. But it can. An iPhone owner will still stick to an iPhone. He will still keep buying new versions of the same phone. The point I am trying to drive here is that this Brand loyalty towards Apple iPhone is due to laziness. I know you don’t agree. You don’t have to. You can FaceTime me (Didn’t I mention I am lazy)

I am sure marketers have identified this trait as a great leverage for marketing. There are smarter marketers than me. Unfortunately. I just wanted to know how. I researched a little and I was surprised. Here are a few examples where laziness drives brand loyalty. Or attempted brand loyalty

Amazon Dash:


A revolutionary product that lazy consumers can “laze” around with. It is a “button” that you place at your hand’s reach and it orders stuff for you from Amazon. For example, a TIDE button on your washing machine will order washing powder for you when you press it. Your need is of a washing powder. But since you are lazy and Amazon offers button for only Tide, you are now a loyal customer of Tide. What is driving this loyalty? Did you compare prices online? Did you check if you can get the same product cheaper at a local Walmart store?

Here is a picture of these buttons that got delivered when someone ordered them

Hiku’s connected grocery scanner:

Amazon is not the only smart marketer in the town. Here comes Hiku. It is a 80 dollar scanner which sticks to your fridge and can order stuff for you. You just need to scan the product you need and it integrates seamlessly with your Walmart mobile app. It lets you order only by scanning the product bar code. What else do you want? Oh wait, it also accepts voice commands. You just speak into it and your stuff is on its way. Did I mention LAZY


The argument here is that this device is not forcing you to buy a particular brand like Dash does. How is it forcing brand loyalty. I run out of coffee. I scan the bar-code on my empty coffee box and a mobile app places order with WALMART. Did I compare prices of the same brand with any other retailer? LAZY

I am suddenly super loyal to Walmart. Or PEAPOD. Hiku integrates with both. You get my point


PIEPAL – Order pizza with a push of a button


It is true. You just set the number of pizzas that you want and push the button. Pizza gets delivered to your doorstep. This is really helpful if you are too lazy to use the app on your phone. Which is literally in your hand 24*7. Oh and did I mention it lets you order from Dominos ONLY. Loyalty?

We all have heard about the tweet-a-pizza campaign by Dominos. You just need to tweet a pizza emoji with @Dominos. We also must have seen “buy now” buttons on twitter and Facebook. Marketers want it to be super easy for consumers to spend money. Obviously

I am sure every one of us is “Loyal” to at least one brand because of our laziness. I am not saying that the examples I mentioned here are great successes. I am just saying there is enough research and money riding on your laziness. Never give it up *yawn*


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