Morris Hite Center-IBM Watson Analytics Competition

This past Saturday May 7th, 22 teams from local area schools represented by UNT, UT Arlington, SMU and Texas A&M Commerce competed along with UTD teams. A total of  69 students registered the morning of the event. The breakdown was approximately 25%  MBA’s, 40% MS Business Analytics or Market Research and 35% MS Marketing students.

The challenge was based on an undefined “you find the best insight” type challenge which was requested by our industry board members. 90% of analysts do an okay job finding a predetermined objective like who is our most profitable segment, etc. Very difficult is to go dig in data and in a short period of time find a valuable insight. The judges were impressed by the fact that no team had a bad analysis. Many were going in the right direction but ran out of time and did not complete a section. The event started with a 2 hour training session on the IBM Watson Analytics platform followed by the competition challenge itself, which ended at 3:45 pm. The judges deliberated and announced the winners at around 5:35 pm.

Representing IBM as judges were Randy Messina, Sunil  Patel and Laura Trouvais with Ashley Troggio the trainer answering questions from the industry judges not as familiar with Watson Analytics.  Representing industry were management Vice Presidents and Managing Directors at the Winterberry Group; Ansira and Cresco International

The three winning teams were as follows:

1st place went to a team from UT Arlington-Team  Research Mavs

first place
2nd place to a team from SMU-Team Data Knights

second place
3rd place to a team from UT Dallas-The IBM Insiders

The UTD team was called the “IBM Insiders” and made up of team members: Mohit     Mundra, Chenxi  Qian, Akshay  Kher, and Saumya  Sethi seen in the picture below

third place

Congratulations to all the UTD teams that were selected and took the time to participate, hopefully the benefits of learning and competitive environment was a good experience.  We plan on hosting the even every year around starting next year around April 2017

Alex Edsel, Director MS in Marketing





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