MS in Marketing -Marketing Analytics Career Talk

Job Analysis for Marketing Analytics jobs

Every week we will cover a specific track or sub-track. is a good job search site because at a glance it shows you average salaries, years of experience for many mid-level positions and a job count, as well as locations. We looked at 10-15 job descriptions from major companies and listed skills frequently mentioned (e.g., from Amazon, Accenture, Wunderman, Omnicom and others). There however is NO substitute for your doing your own searches and analysis.

 MS Marketing –Marketing Analytics sub-track 2018

 Core Courses (15 credit hours)
MKT 6301 Marketing Management
OPRE 6301 Statistics and Data Analysis
MKT 6309 Marketing Research
MKT 6310 Consumer Behavior
MKT 6339 Capstone Decision Making (SR)  or MKT 6350 Competitive Marketing Strategy (FA)

The following 3 courses (9 credit hours):
MIS 6324 Business Analytics with SAS
MKT 6323 Database Marketing
OPRE 6332 Spreadsheet Modeling and Analytics

Analytics focus (12 semester credit hours)

MKT 6337 Predictive Analytics using SAS
MKT 6340 Marketing Projects Lab
MKT 6V98 Marketing Internship
BUAN 6390 Analytics Practicum
MECO 6312 Applied Econometrics and Time Series Analysis
MIS 6309 Business Data Warehousing
MIS 6320 Database Foundations
MIS 6334 Advanced Business Analytics with SAS
MIS 6356 Business Analytics with R
MIS 6380 Data Visualization
OPRE 6398 Prescriptive Analytics

Average years of experience & salary average (note: students requiring visa sponsorship tend to receive less money):

1-3 years for Analyst role: $55,000-75,000
3-6 years for manager level position salary range from $75,000-120,000.

What is Marketing Analytics? The marketing analytics professional is involved in creating regressions, predictive and segmentation models. The following is a fairly typical description from a retailer for a marketing analytics manager:
Focus on statistical modeling/segmentation, advanced customer and product lifecycle analyses, E-commerce/geo-location optimization and ad-hoc measurement support. Primary objectives are to help monetize our customer data warehouse thru in-depth customer & campaign analyses, develop modeling/segmentation approach for our customer base and email file, incorporate new data types & sources into existing data structures, and develop actionable data products that drive the company’s bottom line. This role would closely partner with our Marketing/Product Management/User Experience teams to help support their advanced analytics/reporting and segmentation needs. Bring passion for learning and data-informed decision making that shapes holistic view of our business with consideration for all aspects of the customer experience – from front-end web & store experience through order fulfillment and customer service. 

  • Build out robust advanced segmentation schemes for our customer and email files
  • Build various predictive models (response, propensity, life-time value, affinity, churn etc.)
  • Understand and be able to apply advanced modeling techniques such as logistic regression, generalized linear models, decision trees, cluster analysis, survival analysis, etc.
  • Identify “low hanging” opportunities to increase conversion, save costs, drive revenue
  • Incorporate new data sources (social, clickstream, unstructured) & new types of data into segmentation/modeling

Top skills listed and courses we offer that address some of the often mentioned skills (note there is not a course for every skill)

Top skills mentioned by at least 10 major companies with this job title posting Courses of special relevance- see course syllabi’s for exact line up of skills as not all covered in each instance
Connecting the dots” to make data based recommendations MKT 6310 Consumer Behavior (FA 17)
MKT 6342 Marketing Customer Insights Development (FA 17)
MKT 6339 Capstone Decision Making (FA 17)
MECO 6312 Applied Econometrics and Time Series Analysis
Advanced Excel, SQL, SPSS, R, SAS, Tableau Excel: OPRE 6332 Spreadsheet Modeling and Analytics (SU/FA 17)
: MIS 6320 Database Foundations (FA 17)
:      MIS 6356 Business Analytics with R (FA 17)Programming with SAS:
MKT 6337 Marketing Predictive Analytics using SAS
SAS Enterprise Miner :
MIS 6324 Business Analytics with SAS  (FA17)
MIS 6334 Advanced Business Analytics with SAS  (FA 17)
SPSS: MKT 6309 Market Research
Tableau: MIS 6380 Data Visualization
Econometric and Predictive models. Regressions, segmentation & attrition


MKT 6323 Database Marketing (FA17)
MKT 6337 Marketing Analytics using SAS (SU & FA 17)
MECO 6312 Applied Econometrics & Time Series
MIS 6334 Advanced Business Analytics with SAS
Data Mining MIS 6324 Business Analytics with SAS (FA 17)
Web and social media analytics
MKT 6352 Marketing Web Analytics and Insights (has also been MKT 6v99 web analytics (FA 17) It is not the MIS 6344 which covers other areas like PPC & SEO
MKT 6343 Social Media Marketing & Insights (FA17)
Additional advanced skills suggested for students to learn, especially for international students to make themselves even more marketable Python
Machine learning



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